Killing Two Birds with One Stone

I read somewhere that living in a dark climate can heighten latent depression and at the least affect one’s daily mood. It hinders productivity at work and happiness at home. Northern European countries have to resort to artificial interior lights 24/7. Constant dark outside can drain your spirit. I can understand this problem. My living room is dark and I seldom enjoy sitting there for too long without all the lights on. I have two table lamps but it doesn’t seem to do the job. I like the atmosphere afforded by candles but I also need something in the ceiling. I don’t want an overly bright room so I have to find the right balance. The ceiling fortunately is wired for a fixture already and I think a stylish ceiling fan with lights integrated would be so cool overhead. I hear they are easy to install and repair. There is a great retro look about it which would work well with my simple, casual décor. Besides, these units come in all finishes with and without central lights. They work perfectly in formal rooms as well. Given the choices available at all price points, I can kill two birds with one stone without spending all my vacation savings. I can get better air circulation while I illuminate a very dark space. What a wonderful idea! Let me at it!

The question is which fan. I am not a very decisive person about some things and there is a vast array of choices. I feel like printing out various photos of name brand ceiling units and placing them on the floor. I will then throw a dart at the pile like people often do to a map of the world to choose their next vacation spot. It would be as effective a method as surfing the Web endlessly. Just kidding. I am bound and determined to find something appealing that suits my space. Some sites even accept custom orders. There are so many possibilities that this won’t be necessary. I love the old-fashioned fans with brass and glass fixtures. I also love the island feel of rattan covered blades. My wood floors are a medium tone and a brown stain would be the perfect accompaniment.

Once I got this far, the next step was to decide on the ideal light. Did I want a multiple side-by-side bulb fixture or a single larger one? I opted for the most lighting possible in a ceiling fan and found a fan/light combination with maximum wattage. Problem solved. Everyone who visits agrees that I made a good addition while they can see better already in the once dark space. I will avoid any latent depression for sure. I feel sorry for people who have a light deficiency as I have felt a bit sad in the winter when it gets dark at four. My living room gets a lot more use now that it is properly lit.