Great Game, Not So Great Beer

College football is big in Kutztown, at least it is with my group of friends. I like to have parties when our favorite teams are playing. You can see our team stats on line: the Golden Bears. We have jerseys for sale if you are a fan and we wear them when watching a game in person or televised. The Bears are the pride of Kutztown University and are the focus of a lot of attention in these parts. They have been playing since 1895. Great moments in the last decade include:

2007: We lost 49-32 to Bloomsburg in October but in spite of the defeat KU set several offensive records among them 625 offense yards, 308 receiving yards and 494 total player offenses. We made the best of a bad situation.

2007: In November, the final play by Kyle Spotts was an 8-yard touchdown in triple overtime to end the season.

2008: KU player, Ryan Nye, was named academic All-America, the first in school history. We are proud of this moment given to us by this punter and major in elementary education.

2010: This was the day of the “kick heard around the world.” We secured our 50-48 victory when C.W. Post amazing 30-yard field goal kick made it just inches from the post as time ran out. We always hope for another such exciting moment. The team broke the school record during this game after which the student body stormed the field.

2011: Another school record occurred in October with Josh Mastromatto who returned a 100-yard kickoff for a touchdown. I don’t have to describe the feeling of witnessing this endzone-to-endzone achievement.

2011: In November, KU wins the first PSAC championship due to the efforts of senior backup quarterback Marshall Vogel who led the winning touchdown drive in the last few minutes.

2012: Time marches on and the team continues to perform. In October, Jack Ruggieri kicked his way into the NCAA (National College Athletic Association) league record book with a surprising extra point conversion.

2014: Wow. Andre Reed is named the first player to be inducted in the pro football hall of fame in PSAC history. The stadium was renamed in his honor.

2017: Well, we are still waiting for the season to progress before reporting exmemorable moments. Stand by.

Okay, now you are a fan by osmosis. Meanwhile, we partied on and guzzled beer. At one point, it was tasting a bit flat and I wondered if it had expired. Then I was concerned about getting sick, but this is not the consequence. It doesn’t turn to poison; it just lacks its pizzazz based on what the site I pulled up quickly on my cell phone called Crack a Cold One.

Of course, I stopped sipping immediately and lamented the problem as I rushed out the door to get some fresh brew. While it was annoying, it did not diminish the mood. Bad expired beer or not, we were having a good time, as we always do when cheering on our Kutztown team.