A Surprisingly Fun Day

I love to share my life to give myself some perspective. I can look back and smile or cry. Most of the time I feel silly about attitudes I have held. Here is just one small example.

Long ago, when I graduated from college, I bought myself an expensive and well-made backpack from Business Bag Review as a treat for completing four long years. I didn’t get one as a gift so I took it upon myself to find one. I assumed that I would be entering corporate America shortly most likely in another area; but then I decided to stay in Kutztown and the bag had to serve other purposes than as a quasi-briefcase. I hardly need something so formal right now. We don’t even have many high rises. The backpack sits in the closet most of the time, so I was thrilled when a friend ask me to join her on a hike so I could take it along. Finally, it would see the light of day. I gave her a rousing “yes” in answer to her request.

I prepared for the big day with excitement and anticipation and thought I would put the appropriate shoes and gear inside. The bag was certainly big enough. The problem was that I didn’t have them. I found some old sneakers and they would have to do. I put them in the almost new backpack although it seemed a bit off at the time. I wasn’t going to miss out due to a lack of special boots. If I didn’t like hiking, I would be stuck with them. It is best to wait before jumping in feet first (literally) and see, I counseled myself before embarking on my adventure.

The surprise after all this insecurity was a really fun day. It was lovely to be outdoors in the sun and fresh air and have a wonderful scenic view to photograph. We have to constantly feed Instagram and Facebook, right? Here was the perfect opportunity. All in all, hiking wasn’t as tough as I thought since my friend suggested an appropriate trail that was not dangerous or steep. I didn’t fear for my life. Maybe I will graduate to something more difficulty next time when I am wearing some new lace up thick-soled boots. Yes, they are on my shopping list. Meanwhile I was a bit out of my element in the tennis shoes and carrying a fancy business bag. I could tell from the looks I got from other more appropriately attired hikers.

My friend and I agreed on another date in the near future which would give me time to find a simple denim backpack and some all-weather hiking boots at a reasonable price. I will fit in perfectly next time. No more odd stares! The business backpack will stay in the closet and wait until I travel out of town. Perhaps I will gift it to my sister who lives in a large cosmopolitan city.