Moving Day is Almost Here!

I am stoked! The big day is almost here. I am moving to a new and bigger place after all this time of dwelling modestly. I will have room for all my accumulated stuff. In fact, I will have more than I need. It is a luxury to have a spare room that can double as an office or guest area. I am so lucky to have the wherewithal after being a University of Pennsylvania student to get an adult-size abode. Kutztown is reasonable unless you live across the street from the campus. You definitely get your money’s worth. It is real value for us graduates. Students lived together huddled in a one-bedroom or studio and learn to pool expenses.

My boxes are stuffed with clothing and shoes, books and magazines, cookware, and basic appliances. I am not forgetting all the cleaning supplies so I won ‘t have to spend a bundle replacing them. There are also dishes, glasses, bowls, utensils, towels and sheets. Is something missing? You may ask about the toaster, mixer, coffeemaker, and vacuum. I have all but the later packed tightly since I am getting a new one. The old one died a miserable death coughing dirt and dust. Now I want something top of the line like a Dyson or Shark from The Vacuum Challenge so I can keep my new pad really clean. I have wood floors and an area rug, so I want a model that can do both with ease. I want to be able to switch attachments.

So, which brand will I chose. The best ones are about the same price. I think that the weight of the machine is important and how comfortable it is when moved around. Size matters to most, but I don’t have limited storage. However, I don’t want a big fella. I want an upright and not a canister vacuum as I hear that it is more durable and efficient. A canister is fine for a small home. Let’s go with the impressive Shark duo-clean powered lift-away speed vacuum. That’s a mouthful. What do you get? The plastic, metal, and rubber marvel is the brand’s most compact and lightweight lift-away in spite of the high price. For the extra money invested, the unit comes with a soft brushroll for stuck-in debris. It is an advanced appliance with extended reach of the motorized cleaning head. You can switch to above-floor mode for other than carpeted areas. You can do stairs, furniture, and drapes with one machine. I really like that it is anti-allergen due to new technology and a HEPA filter. What can hurt your lungs stays in the vacuum.

As if this weren’t enough, you also get a pet multi-tool and power brush, a duster crevice attachment, an under-appliance wand, and an accessory bag. It comes with a 7-year warranty. After seeing it in action, I notice that it has a wide cleaning path and a long cord. I made the right choice.