Variety is the Spice of Life!

Where is the time? There is work to be done! For my job, I was asked to profile some local jobs in my area. It was a real pleasure. I met very nice people including a college admissions officer, a retail shop manager, and a body shop owner among others. I learned something new with each interview about the working world. Each had something distinctive to say. There are many career choices out there and variety is the spice of life. Everyone liked their work and recommended it to anyone out there hunting. They mentioned what it takes to get hired, how to move up in the ranks or improve one’s income, and where to apply in the region. For the mechanically inclined, the auto shop was ironically the most lucrative. Everyone has a car and most need repair at one time or another. Hey teens, if you have been working with dad or Uncle Bill in their garages and have learned the ropes, when you graduate you can become an apprentice.

The time spent with the body shop manager was so cool. He let me take a tour of the entire business, talk to the mechanics and watch them at work, and even try out a brand-new auto-darkening welding helmet from Rate My Welder. I had never seen one before and it was so sci-fi. It would make a great Halloween costume, but I wonder if anyone would know what it is. He told me every detail. This device protects the eyes and face from welding specks and spatter as well as any harmful radiation present in the course of doing auto body repairs. It goes from light to dark in less than a second when an arc is struck. Then it reverts to normal. The user can actually adjust this response time. It is called lens sensitivity control. It is worth its weight in gold—and you can spend over one hundred dollars. It works for all types of welding from TIG and MIG to TIG.

I am not going to stop here, dear readers, as there is more. This helmet reduces neck tension and fatigue. Would that work on my job? Ha! It is an amazingly sensitive gadget in protective mode. It also offers UV/IR protection up to shade DIN13. Did you get that? I think we owe the development of this welding helmet to Proposition 65 in California and other state measures of a similar nature. In California, the elected officials had the foresight to deal with environmental health hazard problems. They determined that there was need due to chemicals that cause toxicity (particularly to the newborn). Valid scientific testing had to take place on certain products, especially those made of plastic material. The helmet I was shown is made of extra-strength material in the mask area. By the way, it works on batteries (rechargeable with solar power) and the lens protector (spatter shield) is replaceable. I love modern technology!