My Secret Weapon

Come winter, I hate to get out of bed on those frequent gray, cold days. I just want to snuggle with the blankets forever—or the cat. I have to prod myself, but it is much easier if you have a wake up light. Then you can stop hitting that snooze button over and over. The new light is better than a blaring alarm and you can program it to flash different colors in various patterns if you like. It will actually be a pleasure in the morning, helping you greet the day. It is my secret weapon against a dreary morning.

People get depressed in the winter months due to the lack of sunshine. I envy those in California who get their fill. No wonder everyone wants to go west for an offseason vacation. Sitting on the beach in December is a thrill. I hear you can ski and surf on the same day. Meanwhile, I have my life in Kutztown.

I heard about the best wake up light models from a friend who swears by it. She spent considerable time researching the best one. It saved me time as I took her recommendation. She had difficulty hopping out of bed and the light was a godsend. It mimics a natural sunrise and tricks the body into waking in a natural way—much more peaceful than an alarm. You look forward to it. She told me that you wake with a smile. Who would ever use a conventional alarm clock again?

While she touts the brand she has, she also explained that there are many models and various settings that come with each. You can choose to wake up to the radio, nature sounds, sunrise stimulation, etc. She warned me that the nature sounds aren’t realistic with some products and to select carefully. Read the testimonials and reviews, she warned.

I am happy with what I bought and feel better in just a few minutes. I used to be tired and grumpy for at least an hour. Now I am ready to roll without a fight. I don’t dread the morning hours. I get better rest and particularly enjoy the sounds of birds and waves. These wakeup lights are amazing. They even function as a night light. No more tripping over your shoes lying on the floor in the dark. I read all the instructions and found out that these lights can be programmed as light therapy.

For those of you who are not morning people, run out and get a wake up light. It will change your mood forever as it keeps your sleep/wake cycle on track. It communicates with your smartphone for programming. It’s part of the new technological lifestyle. What would be do without our gadgets? I, for one, would be helpless. The only negative is that you depend on your digital arsenal. My phone helps me set the light so that it increases slowly in brightness and intensity levels. So convenient!!