Taking a Walk Down Main Street

I just love a town with a Main Street. Don’t you? I think it is one of the best things about small towns, to be honest. A symbol of community and entrepreneurship. It is also one of my favorite places in Kutztown (aside from my house and KU). It is such a cute place to eat, shop, worship, or even live!On a nice day, I can just walk up and down Main, getting exercise as I shop and running into friends wherever I go. There are some great places to visit the next time you’re there; but for the sake of brevity, I am only going to highlight a few today.

I love to stop in to the Firefly Bookstore to see what they’ve recently put up on their shelves. I can’t help it, I love books, and they’ve got a great mix of used and new books coming in all the time. In this age of Amazon Prime, it’s great to be in a brick-and-mortar store with some wonderful employees. They love what they do and will even special order things for you if it’s not something they carry (although their new store is huge, so it is hard to imagine them not having something).

If you are looking for knowledgeable staff and homeopathic products, check out the Second Nature Health Food Store. Plenty of medical professionals in the area work with the shop to provide natural remedies for patients. It’s a wonderful shop with great products that you might be surprised to find in such a “small” town.

Another great place to visit is Vynecrest on Main. It’s a storefront for a local winery. Run by a couple and their son, it’s a great place to stop before a dinner party or after work—but only Thursday through Sunday (the rest of the time, you have to go over to the actual winery in Breinigsville to get your fix; but they offer tastings there and the place is gorgeous, so you probably won’t mind). I recommend the Summertime Red!

Even if it’s only to browse, you should definitely stop in to The Sorrelli Store. It is a gorgeous jewelry store. It’s amazing! They even have stylists to help you find the perfect piece for that special someone or for your next event. The pieces they sell are absolutely gorgeous. If you are curious, check out their website. I want to buy all their stuff!

There are plenty of places where you can change your appearance. There are three hair salons, nail salons, a few barber shops, a tattoo and piercing studio, and even a tanning salon. Everybody’s got different preferences for these things, so that’s definitely up to you.

I could spend ages listing all the different places you can eat—everything from a quick bite, to pub food, to restaurants, and dessert places. Instead, I’ll just say this: there are national franchises and independently owned places you can’t find anywhere but here.

Do you have a Main Street in the town where you live? If so, do you spend as much time there as I do mine?