Things to Do in Kutztown


Because this is a “University town” and KU kids know how to entertain themselves, there is a pretty decent nightlife scene here in Kutztown. The school and the town itself offer plenty of options for entertainment, socializing, dining, and more.

We’ve got our share of bars and pubs—we are a University town, after all. Places like Kutztown Tavern, Shorty’s, Prestige, andK’Town Pub are great places to kick back and let loose with your friends after a hard week of studying. While I was never known as a party girl, I did have my share of nights out. If I had no problem finding something to do around town, you won’t either. If you’re not into that scene, the school itself has a decent variety of activities that you’ll actually want to attend. There are comedy nights, board and video game tournaments, well-acted murder mystery dinners, bingo, and a host of other events. There are also the typical Greek mixers and parties.

There are also plenty of KU sports teams, which means games—and those can be a great place to hang with friends and cheer on your classmates. Go Golden Bears! We are an NCAA Division II school, which means we’re not quite large enough to compete in Division I. We don’t really mind because there are some great schools in the PSAC East (Seton Hill, Shippensburg, Mansfield, and East Stroudsburg to name a few that you may have heard of). The quality of the teams can vary from year to year, but there’s always something (or someone) worth rooting for.

We also do a lot with the arts. Kutztown University also has a good music program, which means lots of performances in just about every genre of music. And speaking of performances, there is also a summer concert series in the Kutztown Park Bandshell, which is a great way to spend a summer evening! We’ve also got lots of artists on campus, so there are showings and arts events for everyone to enjoy.

If you don’t mind driving a bit, you will be able to expand your world even more, as Kutztown is close to some great places. Allentown Fairgrounds is only about a half hour away, and there are some great performances there—definitely worth a trip. In addition, the expo center there hosts many a convention during the year. Also, Hershey Park is only about an hour away. This chocolate themed amusement park has lots of things to do: there’s the rides, Chocolate World, Hershey Bears games, and a Theater for concerts and performances.

While there is not as much to do as there would be in a big city, there’s always something going on. I like it this way because I feel like there is a perfect balance—enough that I don’t feel like I am going to the same three places and seeing the same crowd every night, but not so many options that I’m totally overwhelmed.

What do you like to do?