An Intro to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Of course most graduates are going to tell you they had a great college experience and try to convince you that you should make the same choice. This is surely the case here, with my alma mater, Kutztown.

The school was actually founded in 1866 as a school for teachers. Eventually the name was changed to reflect this focus—in 1928, it became known as Kutztown State Teachers College. When they decided to expand to include more than just education classes, the name changed again, this time to Kutztown State College. Once it became part of the University of Pennsylvania in 1983, the name changed for the last time, to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Most of us call it Kutztown University, or KU for short.And that’s enough of a history lesson for today.

I am sure you also want to know about academic offerings. Well, KU hasboth graduate and undergraduate programs. You can get a Bachelors degree in subjects like Business, IT, Sciences, Music, Public Relations, Languages, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Math, and Social Work. They’re all listed on the website if you’re interested in checking them out. There’s also 23 different grad programs offered for those wanting to continue their education. Some of the fields offered are in Arts Administration, Business Administration, Library Science, and Computer Science. You can also get certification for various education fields and for counseling.

OK, so now that all of that is out of the way, I can get into the more interesting stuff. Like what life at KU is really like! Honestly, what you put in to your college experience is going to dictate what you get out of it, no matter where you go. But KU makes it easy. There is a student involvement website that can help you find groups and events that you would be interested in, from residence hall associations to clubs with an academic or topical focus. If you love music or expressing your opinion, we’ve got our own radio station. We also produce our own TV show for those interested in that.

If you are looking for something longer-lasting, there is also Greek life for those who want to join a fraternity or sorority. And for those looking to make an impact, you’ll want to spend time at the Community Outreach Center, where you can find volunteer projects that will benefit those in both Kutztown and beyond. You can even do an Alternative Spring Break where you go on a week-long service trip instead of a mindless beach vacation. While it is a great way to get some of those hours you might need for your certification, it’s also a worthwhile thing to do.

There are plenty of organizations doing a variety of things; you’ll find something that is perfect for you. Kutztown makes it really easy to get involved, no matter what your interests are. And the friends that you make at KU will feel like family before too long!